Live Your Truth
Sarah Amedoro, PsyD, CYT

Dr. Sarah is a holistic, integrative psychologist in Asheville, NC. She holds a doctorate in clinical psychology and a specialization in neuropsychology from Immaculata University, and is a certified yoga teacher.


She offers integrative therapy, somatic experiencing, spiritual integration coaching, and group facilitation.

Her fascination with the brain-body connection first led her to examine the therapeutic benefits of mindfulness meditation and yoga, and she has since explored various eastern and earth-based healing modalities.

She understands well-being as a harmonious balance of body, mind, and spirit, and recognizes all individuals as whole and complete, while also continuously evolving. 

Dr. Sarah's services are informed by her clinical training, as well as by her own healing experiences, her many teachers, and through ongoing collaboration with clients. 

For more information please see my story and training.

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"Knowing oneself comes from attending with compassionate curiosity to what is happening within."
- Dr. Gabor Mate

We are all on a journey of growth and evolution throughout our lives.


We are well aware that this occurs throughout childhood and adolescence, but where did we get the idea that this process stops once we reach adulthood? While our early development is primarily focused on learning to navigate our outer world, we will inevitably come to a time in our lives when we feel the call to tend our inner world.

This call may come as a gentle whisper; a fleeting thought or feeling that returns time and again until we can no longer ignore it, or this call may come as a thunderous bellow; perhaps in the form of an incredible challenge or a profound loss.

When the time comes to answer the call it is important to have supports, practices, and community to aid us on our journey.