"This is the teaching of yoga. Yoga is the cessation of the turnings of thought. When thought ceases, the spirit stands in its true identity as observer to the world."

-Patanjali's Yoga Sutras



Dr. Sarah is a holistic and integrative psychologist, coach, group facilitator, certified yoga teacher, permaculture/earth-connection enthusiast, and more! The intention of this platform is to share with community, clients, family, and friends - to support the healing of our world, and to celebrate life together! DISCLAIMER: The videos on this channel reflect personal perspectives and practices. The videos on this channel do not reflect therapeutic or medical advise or treatment. No therapeutic relationship is implied by the viewing of videos on this channel.


Dr. Sarah teaches yoga asana, pranayama, and meditation. She also leads Bhakti yoga practices of mantra and devotional song from a variety of lineages, and incorporates a combination of yogic philosophy and practices into her psychology, coaching, and community offerings. Dr. Sarah encourages her clients and students to take their yoga off the mat - the mat is simply a microcosm of life. All that transpires on the mat, also transpires in life, and we can bring the skills and practices that we consciously engage in on the mat, into our lives at large.

Yoga is so much more than stretching and strengthening the body. It is many, many things. In part, yoga is a path of coming to know the self, and experiencing a new way of being in this world. The practices of yoga support individuals to shift from leading with their minds to leading with their hearts. 

Dr. Sarah's offerings are informed by all eight limbs of yoga, and it has been her experience that these practices compliment and support each other. 

Yamas- guidelines for interacting with the external world

Niyamas- guidelines for interacting with the internal world

Asana- ways of working with the physical body

Pranayama- ways of working with the breath

Pratyahara- practice of withdrawing the senses

Dharana- strengthening the skill of concentration

Dhyana- cultivating the ability for meditative observation of what is presently occurring

Samadhi- effortless sense of unity with all that is


Chanting and Singing

Dr. Sarah was first introduced to the practice of devotional song and chant (Bhakti Yoga) by her teacher, Adhikari Sacha, at Baltimore Yoga Village in 2015. For someone who had been told her entire life that she could not sing, this has been an incredibly healing practice on many levels. I encourage everyone that has found their way to this page, to give it a shot - remembering that it doesn't matter what you sound like, the most important thing is to sing/chant with all your heart.

Many of the songs and chants that will be offered here Dr. Sarah carries from her teacher's teacher, Shanti Mayi of the Sacha lineage. Even so, her repertoire has exponentially increased since beginning this journey, and she is honored and blessed to share songs from a variety of lineages/cultures, including Appalachian folk, and contemporary medicine songs.

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Pranayama and Meditation

Pranayama (breathwork) and meditation are tools that can support grounding, relaxation/activation, acceptance, and introspection, among other things.


Different types of pranayama and meditation can be used to activate the sympathetic or parasympathetic nervous system, to harness energetic centers in the body (bandhas), and provide a myriad of health benefits.

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Yoga Asana

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