"If anything is worth doing, do it with all your heart."


"Sarah is a therapists' therapist.  Her work is beyond the traditional. Her integration of spiritual, personal, breathe and body was healing and deeply resonated with me. Deep bow to her for her authenticity and attunement."

~Cindy, LCSW

"Sarah is an incredible therapist! I’ve been to many different types of therapy and enjoyed most all, however the way she is able to hold space and listen for me is different from the rest. She’s been an extremely helpful soundboard and has allowed me to lead our sessions in the way that supports me most. Her grounded nature has helped me to find my own center, being with her in person and remotely have always felt super supportive and comfortable. She’s intuitive, understanding and bright! Grateful for the connection I have with you and the reflection you are for me has been very impactful. 

Thank you Sarah!"